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Tip: Choose a plan matching how many products you need content for monthly. If you have a large project you need to tackle up front, we offer flexible, customized add-ons for product backlogs or seasonal launches.

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Core plan

You manage 50 to 450 products on 1+ storefront(s). 

The Core plan includes:

  • Unlimited AI Generations for your plan's # of products: Generate new descriptions, titles, bullet points, and meta descriptions without extra costs.
    For example: On the 50-product plan, you'll have unlimited generations for 50 products each monthly billing cycle. 
  • Data Enrichment credits for ~10% of your plan's # of products: Enrich sparse data so you can write better quality product descriptions.
  • Unlimited store connectors: No limit to the number of stores you integrate with Describely.
  • Unlimited product imports: No limit to the number of products you bring into Describely.


You manage more than 450 products across multiple storefronts and channels.

Enterprise clients receive everything in the Core plan, plus:

  • Custom solutions for high-volume needs
  • Advanced AI generations: Experiment with new technology and developments as AI grows. 
  • 1:1 Onboarding: Customized implementation and training for your team.
  • A dedicated account manager: Your Customer Success Manager is committed to your success and here to help every step of the way.  

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Update your plan

Note: Only account admins can manage your plan. 

  1. In the lower left corner, click Account.
  2. If you are updating your plan after a free trial, skip to step 5. If you've previously subscribed and want to change your plan, click the Modify Subscription button on the right side. 
  3. Click Update plan.
  4. For Yearly/Annual plans, select the toggle at the top of the page.
  5. Select the plan that best meets your product needs.

If you choose our Core plan, you'll see different options based on the number of products you manage.

Important: If you are an Enterprise user and would like to make changes to your plan, reach out to