How to Use Catalog Views

Organize, sort, and filter your products with ease using Catalog Views!

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What is a catalog view? A catalog view is a set combination of columns, filters, and sorting arrangements based on Describely's preset fields (like SKU and title).

If you imported your products by file, you can also create views that filter and sort your catalog by custom columns mapped from your spreadsheet (like team assignments and product attributes)! 

Creating a new view

Within every catalog, you'll see a ribbon above your products where you can create, edit, and toggle between your views. Create a custom view using the steps below!

  1. On the right, click the + button.
  2. In the sidebar that opens, give your View a name.
  3. Toggle the columns on that you'd like to see and remove any you don't need.
  4. Scroll down to view your Filter & Sort options which will either be a free text field or a drop-down depending on the column.
  5. Click the Save & Apply button at the bottom.

Important: Views are unique to each catalog. If you're working across multiple catalogs, you'll need to recreate your view within each catalog.

Editing or deleting a view

Select the view you'd like to edit, and click the pencil button at the top of your catalog to manage it. See tips below!

  • Toggle between your saved views as needed using the "Saved View Selection" drop-down at the top.
  • Click the red Delete button at the bottom to permanently remove a view.
  • If you make edits to an existing view, use the green buttons at the bottom to save your changes a single time or make them permanent to the view.

View ideas & recommendations

We've created a View Glossary with several ideas & recommendations for your own views. Reach out to our team at if you need any help creating the perfect view for your team!