Import Products via File

Want to upload a file with your product information? Follow these steps!

Note: Describely uses all imported product data when generating new content. The more context provided to our AI, the better!

Important: For the best experience, we recommend logging into Describely on a desktop computer through Google Chrome.

  1. From the left-hand toolbar, click Import Products.
  2. Select Import from File as your Catalog Type.

  3. Name your Catalog.
  4. Click Upload File and choose or drag and drop the file you'd like to upload.
    Note: Your file must be either a CSV or Excel file, less than 30 MB, and contain a field that can be used as a Product Title.
  5. Match Describely's fields with your file's columns by selecting the corresponding field from the drop-down menu. If needed, preview the selected column on the far right, and click the x icon within the box to clear the field.

  6. On the bottom right, click the green Save and Continue button.
  7. In the next step, you'll see a notice if there were columns you did not import. Click the checkbox to select any you'd like to import. 
    Note: Additional product information will be used to power generations for higher-quality content.
  8. On the bottom right, click the green Save and Continue button. Voila! Your products have been imported and will be saved in a Draft state within your new catalog.

Tip: If needed, drag multiple columns to the Keywords field. You can also import product attributes like material, size, color, etc. from different columns here.