Add New Products

Need to add additional products to your catalogs? We've got you covered.

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Import a product from a file 

Note: You will not be able to import a product from a file if your catalog was created through a store connector. Follow these steps to import new products from your store. 

Learn how to import your products from a CSV or XLSX (Excel) file here

Sync new products from a store connector

  • To sync new products added to your storefront after you've connected it to Describely, open your catalog and click Sync on the top.
  • To pull data for your current products from your storefront into Describely, select the checkbox. If you'd like to keep Describely's existing data, leave the checkbox blank. 
  • Click Continue.

Voila! Your store and Describely catalog have been synced! 

Note: Any products that have been removed from your store since your last import or refresh will also be removed from your Describely catalog.
New products that are in Describely and have not been published to store will not be affected.

If your store has more products than your plan includes, new products will automatically be set to inactive. Learn how to upgrade your plan here or schedule a call to learn about our flexible add-ons for your product backlog. 

Add a single product using an image or keywords

  1. In the left sidebar, click the Create a Product tab.
  2. Either upload an image OR describe your product using 6+ keywords (comma separated keywords or sentence format).
  3. At the top, choose your language and brand tone.
  4. Click the Generate button.

Add a single product using existing product details

  1. From the Home page, click New Product.
  2. Select the catalog you'd like to add a product to and click Continue, or click Start from new catalog. Learn more about how to create a catalog here
  3. Enter your product information in the fields. A Product Title is required. 
  4. Click Save. Voila! Your new product has been added to your catalog.

Tip: When entering your product information, include SEO keywords to help optimize your content and describe your product.