Available Store Connectors

Wondering what storefronts Describely can connect to? Check out this article!

Store connectors are integrations that you can use to import your products from other platforms. With Describely, you can publish product content changes directly to your connected stores instantly.

Describely currently supports the following store connectors:

  • Shopify. Read more about managing your Shopify store in this article.
  • Salsify. Learn how to manage your Salsify store here
  • WooCommerce. Read how to manage your WooCommerce store here
  • Squarespace. Learn how to manage your Squarespace store in this article
  • Wix. Read more about managing your Wix store here.
  • Akeneo. Learn how to import products and manage your Akeneo content here.
  • And more coming soon!

Is your sales platform missing from this list? Let us know which store connector you'd like to see next at support@describely.ai!