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Connect your Shopify storefront with Describely and refine your product listings!

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Connect your Shopify store (long version)

Before you connect: Shopify takes their security seriously so there is a multi-step setup process to connect with Describely. We've provided both a video and written walkthrough for you below, but you can also schedule 15 minutes with our team to go through the steps together. This connection only needs to be set up once!

Important: For the best experience, we recommend logging into Describely on a desktop computer through Google Chrome. 

  1. From the left-hand toolbar, click Import Products.  If you're connecting your store through our initial onboarding, skip to step 2.
  2. Select Shopify as your Catalog type.
  3. You'll be prompted to connect your store using your Shop ID and Access Token. Use either of the blue hyperlinks to open Shopify OR login directly through the Shopify website.
    Note: If you see a 404 Error on this step, ignore it and move forward to step 4.

  4. Select the store you want to connect.
  5. In the lower left corner of Shopify, select Settings.
  6. The Shop ID can be seen in the upper left under your store name. Copy & paste this into Describely! DO NOT manually type it.
    Important: Do you have a custom domain? If you do, click "Domains" in the left side bar and select the URL that contains your store name plus "myshopify.com" at the end of it. This is your Shop ID.

  7. Now we need to retrieve your Access Token. Click on Apps and sales channels in the left sidebar (still in the Settings tab where you found your Shop ID).
  8. In the upper right corner, click Develop apps.
  9. Click the green Allow custom app development button.
    Note: You will see several warnings from Shopify as you move forward because these settings are traditionally for developers. In this case however, we're only giving Describely the permissions it needs to Read & Write product content for your store.
  10. Click the green Allow custom app development button again.
  11. Click the green Create an app button in the center.
  12. In the popup, you'll be asked to name the app. You can name it anything, but we recommend "Describely Store Connection."
  13. Click the green Create app button to save your app name.
  14. In the top center of the page, click the API credentials tab.
  15. Click the Configure Admin API scopes button under Access tokens.
  16. In the search bar, search the term "product" and look for the section entitled Products appearing below.
  17. Check the boxes in the Products section to allow Describely Read & Write access. This means we can pull your product names into Describely and publish your content back to your store.
  18. In the lower right corner, click the green Save button.
  19. Back at the top, click back into the API credentials tab.
  20. Under Access tokens, click the green Install app button.
  21. When the prompt appears, click the green Install button.
  22. Now you'll see an API access token can be revealed and copied to your clipboard. Copy & paste this into Describely!
    Note: This code will only appear once before Shopify hides it from view. If you don't successfully copy this code into Describely or save it elsewhere, you'll have to uninstall the app and start the process from scratch to generate a new access token.
  23. Voila! Your store is now connected and your products are imported. Pat yourself on the back for making it through all 23 steps 😉

Need to import new products after you've connected your store to Describely? Open your catalog and click the Sync button on the top!  

Important: At this time, up to 10,500 products can be imported from Shopify. 

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Manually update individual products

  1. From your Shopify catalog, click the name of the product you'd like to work on. 
  2. From the Product Details tab, make your edits or add formatting if you'd like, and click Save Changes
  3. Once you're ready to push the changes to your store, click the Publish to Shopify button on the top right. Voila!