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Write Product Descriptions with Chat

With the AI Product Editor, you can create, refine, and optimize descriptions to perfection. Here's how!

Did you already import your products? You'll need to add your products in bulk or individually before you start creating content.

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Important: Products are "activated" after you've generated content for them for the first time through bulk or chat. They will then count towards your monthly plan limits, and you will have unlimited generations for these products through your current billing cycle!

How to use chat

With chat, you can instruct our AI to generate or rewrite high-quality, optimized product descriptions. Choose an AI ruleset to apply and enter your prompt. Try asking our chat to perform specific actions, like writing in a certain style or making the description longer. 

  1. From your catalog, click the name of the product you'd like to work on. 
  2. From the AI Product Editor tab, click the icon to the left of the Refine button to manage which content to generate.
    Note: Description and keywords are selected by default.

Note: You may see higher quality generations if you generate one field at a time. Test it out and see what works best for you!

3.     Select the AI ruleset you'd like to apply to your content from the dropdown. Click the              pencil icon to make edits if needed. Learn more about AI rules here.

4.     Click Refine.

5.     Describely will automatically attempt to generate new product information. If more                  context is needed, you'll see a chat message asking you to provide more information.

7.    Type a specific command (or "prompt") into the chat box and click enter. 

8.   A new product description will appear below your original content. Click the three dots            on the top right to either save the generation or make additional edits. 

9.   If you're managing products through a store connector, click the Publish to [Your Store            Connector] button on the top right. This will publish your changes to your storefront! 

      If you're using a CSV workflow, your new product content will be included when you                export your products!

Prompts to try

Looking for some prompt ideas to enhance your product content? Give these a spin! 

  • Rewrite this product description using my keywords. 
  • Make this product description festive.
  • Rewrite this product description in a vintage tone (substitute for the tone of your choice).
  • Make this product description shorter (or longer).
  • Rewrite this product description without using the word "(word you'd like to avoid)".