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Connect your Akeneo store

Before you connect: Akeneo takes their security seriously so there is a multi-step setup process to connect with Describely. We've provided both a video and written walkthrough for you below, but you can also schedule 15 minutes with our team to go through the steps together. This connection only needs to be set up once!

Important: For the best experience, we recommend logging into Describely on a desktop computer through Google Chrome. 

  1. From the left-hand toolbar, click Import Products. If you're connecting your store through our initial onboarding, skip to step 2.
  2. Select Akeneo as your Catalog type.

  3. You'll be prompted to connect your store using your Akeneo URL, Client ID, Secret code, Username, and Password. To access this information, log in directly through the Akeneo website and follow the steps below.
  4. Within Akeneo, click System on the left sidebar. Under the Users Management Navigation, select Users.

  5. On the left, look for the User Management Navigation section and click Roles.
  6. On the top right, click the green Create Role button to set up a new role for Describely.
  7. Select the General tab and enter a name for the role. You can name it anything, but we recommend "Describely."
  8. Select the Web API permissions tab. Check the boxes next to ALL fields to be sure everything is successfully imported from your store.
  9. On the top right, click the green Save button.
  10. Now that Describely's role has been created, click Connect on the left sidebar to begin setting up your Describely store connection.
  11. Under the Connect Navigation on the left, select Connection settings.

  12. On the top right, click the green Create button.
  13. Enter a name for your connection label (we recommend "Describely Connection", choose Flow type "Other" from the drop-down, and click the green Save button.
  14. On the next page, navigate to the Permissions section on the bottom right.
  15. Under Role, choose Describely (or the name of the new role you created in step 7) from the drop-down.
  16. Under Group, choose your account's user group that grants permission to view and edit ALL of your store's attribute groups. 
    Note: The group you need to select will depend on how your user and attribute groups were customized in Akeneo. To manage your store's attribute groups, click Settings from the left sidebar and navigate to Attribute Groups.
  17. Click the green Save button on the top right.
  18. Copy your website's main domain URL from your search bar and paste it into Describely's Akeneo URL field. DO NOT include the https:// portion of the URL. 

  19. Back in Akeneo, navigate to the Credentials section on the right to view your Client ID, Secret code, Username, and Password. 
    Note: This code will only appear once before Akeneo hides it from view. If you don't successfully copy this code into Describely or save it elsewhere, you'll have to delete the connection and start the process from scratch to generate new credentials.
  20. Click the icon to the right of each field to copy it and paste it in Describely.
  21. Within Describely, click the gray Next Step button.
  22. Select your Akeneo store's locale and channel from the drop-down. 
    Important: Currently, only one locale and one channel can be imported to each Describely catalog. You can import multiple Akeneo catalogs for additional locate/channel combinations.

  23. Click the gray Next Step button. 
  24. Match the fields in Describely to your Akeneo attributes by selecting them from the drop-downs. This step is to control where your store's product information will import into Describely.
    Note: If you'd like to add images, click the +Add Image button at the bottom and choose the matching attribute.

  25. Click the gray Import Products button.
    Note: Product images cannot be imported into Describely in bulk. These can be synced after import from the Product Details tab of each individual product.

Voila! Your Akeneo store is now connected to Describely. This means we can pull your product information into Describely and publish your content back to your Akeneo store.

Need to import new products after you've connected your store to Describely? Open your catalog and click the Sync button on the top! Select the Continue to Download button to import batches of 5,000 products at a time.

Note: If you need to change how your fields are matched after your products are imported, click the Field Matching button on the top right of your catalog. After saving your changes, click Sync to re-sync your Akeneo store to Describely. 

Important: When accessing your store, Describely will only ever manage your product content. Both products and product models will be imported. Reach out to us at support@describely.ai if you have any questions!

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Manually update individual products

  1. From your Akeneo catalog, click the name of the product you'd like to work on. 
  2. From the Product Details tab, make your edits or add formatting if you'd like, and click Save Changes
  3. If you're ready to push the changes to your store, click the Publish to Akeneo button on the top right. Voila!