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Customize Content with Content Rules

Use Content Rules to tailor your product content to your brand's needs!

What are Content Rules? Content Rules are pre-set prompts to customize your content within Describely. Use them within bulk generations to tailor your brand tone, restricted keywords, content length, language, and more.

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What you can customize

With Content Rules, you can set your:

  • Content length (for titles, descriptions, & meta descriptions)
  • Output language
  • Tone of voice
  • Bullet point count (from 3-10) 
  • Restricted keywords to avoid in your content
  • Description format: Whether descriptions are written in one paragraph ('singletext') or multiple paragraphs (for all catalog types except Salsify)
    Note: To retain paragraph formatting when exporting content, you'll need to export your catalog as HTML. 
  • Title, description, & meta description instructions: Prompts to guide how the AI writes your content

Tip: We recommend experimenting to find the perfect ruleset(s) for your products. 

Describely's default rules

Describely uses default rules when generating new product content, unless you create and apply a custom ruleset. These include:

  • Description instruction: Tell a story how the product will benefit the buyer.
  • Description instruction: Highlight key features.
  • Description instruction: Include a call to action.
  • Description length: Average (~150-350 words)
  • Title length: Average (~20-100 characters)
  • Output language: English (US)
  • Tone: Neutral
  • Meta description instruction: Highlight key features of the product in 2 or 3 very short, concise sentences.
  • Meta description length: Under 160 characters (recommended)

Important: The default set of rules cannot be edited. If you want to create your own set of rules to customize your content, follow the steps below!

Create a new ruleset

  1. On the left sidebar under the Brand and Content section, click Content Rules.
  2. Click the + Create New button.
  3. Select either Create From Scratch or Create From Existing Description to have Describely automatically create a ruleset from a sample product description.

Tip:  If it's your first time creating a ruleset, we recommend you create one from an existing description or clone the Describely Default Ruleset and make changes. 

4.     Name your new ruleset and add, remove, or edit rules as needed. 
        Note: If you'd like to set your new ruleset as the default for your catalog's bulk                            generations, click the checkbox at the top.

5.    Click Save and Apply to save your ruleset and return to the bulk generation window.

Voila! Now you can now generate product content in bulk using your new content rules. 

Manage existing rulesets

  1. On the left sidebar under the Brand and Content section, click Content Rules.
  2. Locate the ruleset you'd like to manage from the list. 
    Note: The Describely Default rules cannot be changed. Custom rulesets can be edited, cloned, set as a default, or deleted.
  3. If you're editing a ruleset, make any changes to existing rules as needed. To remove a rule, click the trash icon on the right. To add a rule, click Add Rule on the bottom left. 

  4. Click Save and Apply to save your changes. Voila!

Using multiple Content Rulesets for different brands or product categories? Create a custom catalog view to apply them to your products in batches!

Assign default custom rulesets

Within Describely, you can assign custom rulesets as catalog-level defaults, account-level defaults, or both. Setting default rulesets will save you time and help you seamlessly apply your Content Rules across multiple catalogs.

Describely prioritizes different default rulesets in the following order: 

  • 1st:  Catalog default rulesets
  • 2nd:  Account default rulesets (if no catalog defaults exist)
  • 3rd:   Custom rulesets (if no account or catalog defaults exist)
  • 4th:   Describely's default ruleset (if no custom rulesets exist)

Need to use the same ruleset across your entire account?

  1. Click Content Rules on the left sidebar.
  2. Click the Set as Default button to the right of your ruleset to make it your account default. 

Looking to apply unique rulesets to each catalog?

When you create or edit a ruleset from your catalog, you can set it as a catalog default ruleset.

Examples & tips

Tip: To save time, Describely can automatically create a ruleset from a sample product description. We recommend testing it out if you haven't already!

See our recommendations below to create custom instructions for titles, descriptions, and meta descriptions!
  • Include clear, direct commands and make sure instructions do not contradict each other. 
  • Use positive language. Tell us what you want the AI to do rather than what not to do.
  • Test different instructions and keep fine-tuning until the results match your business's needs!

Important: A maximum of 4 description instructions are allowed per ruleset. If you need help refining these for best results, email us at support@describely.ai.

Not sure where to start? Try these prompts out:

  • Make the description holiday themed
  • Explain how everyone is raving about the product
  • End with a call to action
  • Always write to a business audience