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Manage Your Salsify Store

Sync your Salsify storefront with Describely and refine your product listings!

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Connect your Salsify store

Important: For the best experience, we recommend logging into Describely on a desktop computer through Google Chrome. 

  1. From the left-hand toolbar, click Import Products. If you're connecting your store through our initial onboarding, skip to step 2.
  2. Select Salsify as your Catalog type. 

3.     Connect your Salsify account by entering your Salsify Organization URL and Salsify API             Key and clicking Connect Salsify.

Import your products

  1. After connecting your Salsify store, click the Next: Import Products button.
  2. Drag and drop your product fields to match the tiles in the top menu. This will help us match your file's information to ours. A product title is required.

Tip: If needed, drag multiple columns to the Keywords field. This is great if you need to import product attributes like material, size, color, etc. from different CSV columns. 

3.    Click Next on the top right.

4.   Select the checkbox next to the products you'd like to import from your store. Click the checkbox on the top left to import all products on that page. Use the navigation on the bottom left to move through each page and select your desired products. 

5.   Click Save on the top right. Voila! Your products have been imported and will be saved in a Draft state within your new catalog.

Generate content in bulk

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Generate content individually with chat

Want to refine each of your product's content individually? Learn how to use Describely's chat feature to perfect your content one product at a time here.

Manually update individual products

  1. From your Salsify catalog, click the name of the product you'd like to work on. 
  2. From the Product Details tab, make your edits or add formatting if you'd like, and click Save Changes
  3. If you're ready to push the changes to your store, click the Publish to Salsify button on the top right. Voila!