FAQ: SEO Optimization in Describely

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How can we help with SEO? Describely offers keyword research, keyword integration, and meta tags to help you perfect your SEO strategy.


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What are keywords, and how do I use them? 

  • Keywords are used to teach Describely about your product and help it generate accurate, high-quality content.
  • Keywords can include target SEO keywords, product attributes, features, benefits, and more.
  • When entering keywords, we recommend removing any extraneous, categorical words. For example, enter a keyword as "leather", not "material: leather".
  • Learn more about how to use keywords here.

How do I research new keywords?

  • All you need is a target keyword, and we'll generate suggested keywords to include in your content. We'll even generate an SEO-optimized product description in one click!
  • Learn more about how to discover new keywords here.

I already have keywords. What do I do with them?

Learn how to optimize your product descriptions by uploading your target keywords here

How do I restrict or exclude keywords from my content?

With Describely, you can create restricted keyword lists to specify which keywords to avoid when writing your content. Learn more about restricting keywords here

What are meta tags, and why do I need them?

  • Meta tags include meta titles and meta descriptions, which are HTML elements that summarize your page's website content on the search results page. 
  • Attention-grabbing, value-packed meta titles and descriptions entice users to click on your search result over competitors. Improving your click-through rate can have positive impacts on your ranking and bring more potential customers to your site. 

Note: If your page doesn't contain a meta description, Google will either pull one in from your page’s first paragraph or what they consider most relevant to users. To control what is displayed, uploading your own meta description is a must!

How do I generate meta titles and descriptions?

Learn more about how to manage your meta tags here. Generate them for individual products or in bulk!

Tip: To ensure your content is crawled by search engine bots, make sure your meta title and description is unique for every page on your website.

For best visibility on Google search results pages, we recommend meta titles be under 60 characters and meta descriptions be under 160 characters.

Can I export or publish meta tags directly to my storefront? 

Yes! Your meta tags can be published to your storefront and will be included in CSV exports.