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Write Product Meta Descriptions

Generate quality meta descriptions that entice users and drive more website traffic!

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Writing meta descriptions in bulk

Important: Product titles and descriptions are required to generate meta descriptions. Make sure you have these first!

  1. From your catalog, select the checkbox to the left of the products you'd like to create content for. 
    Note: Click the checkbox at the top to select all products on that page, or the Select all button to select all products in your catalog.

  2. Click the Bulk Generate button on the top right. 
  3. Re-name your bulk job if you'd like (it will default to the current date and timestamp).
  4. Select the Content Ruleset you'd like to apply to your products from the dropdown. Click the  pencil icon to make edits if needed. Learn more about Content Rules here.
  5. Select Product Meta Description.
  6. Click Start Bulk Generate. When the generation is complete, you'll see a notification at the top indicating that your bulk job is ready for review.

Important: Products are "activated" after you've generated content for them for the first time. They will then count towards your monthly plan limits, and you will have unlimited generations for these products through your current billing cycle!

Reviewing & approving your content

Note: Approving your content will apply it to your products in Describely. Only approved content can be exported or published directly to your storefront, so make sure not to miss this step!

  1. After bulk generating, click on the notification to view your most recent job or the Bulk History button on the top right to view all of your bulk jobs. If you've clicked the notification, skip to step 4.
  2. Locate the pending bulk job(s), which will be in a Ready For Review status. Use the search bar or sort filters on the top right if needed. 

  3. Click on a bulk job to review the generated content.
  4. To approve each product's content individually, select the Approve button next to each product. To approve content for multiple products at once, select the checkboxes next to the products and click the Approve button on the top right.
  5. If you'd like to make edits before approving content, select the Edit button and make your changes.

Tip: To easily regenerate content in the Editor, click the Regenerate button. If you'd like, enter a prompt to guide the AI like "make this shorter" in the textbox.

6.    Once you've reviewed all generations, click Bulk Jobs on the top left to return to your                bulk history list.

7.    To mark the bulk job reviewed, click the three dots under the Actions column and select          Set As Reviewed.

Note: Any products you haven't approved new content for will show in your catalog with their original status. 

Publishing your content

Once you've approved your new content and applied it to your products in Describely, you're ready to export to a CSV or publish right to your store connector!

Tip: Try creating a custom view filtered to products with the status "approved" so you can easily export or publish products ready to go live on your store.

Writing individual meta descriptions

  1. From any catalog, click into any product you'd like to work on.
  2. Select the SEO Tools tab, navigate to the Meta Tags section, and click Edit.
  3. Your meta title will match your product title by default. Feel free to change this if needed.
  4. Click Generate Description to create a meta description!
  5. Click Save.