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FAQ: Generations & Data Enrichment

Have questions about our generation features? You've come to the right place!

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What is a product generation? 

A product generation is used when a product description or other content is generated for any product in your catalog(s), through either bulk or chat.

How many generations do I have left (trial only)?

Trial users have 1 generation for each of the 5 products during their 3-day trial. Paid subscribers have unlimited generations for the number of products on their base plan.

You will see a message in Describely if you try to run more content generations than your trial includes. To access unlimited generations, upgrade to a paid plan.

How do I know which products are activated in my current billing cycle?

Products are "activated" after you've generated content for them for the first time through bulk or chat. You will then have unlimited generations for these products through your current billing cycle!

  • Activated products have a green "infinity" icon on the product image, so you can easily identify them and run additional generations as needed. 
  • Once you generate content to activate a product, it will then count towards your monthly plan limit. You can keep track of how many products are currently activated on the left sidebar.  

How do I enrich my product data in bulk?

If you receive limited product information from manufacturers or suppliers, data enrichment can enhance your sparse data with detailed information from the web. Learn more about this feature here

How many data enrichment credits do I have left? 

Trial users have 5 data enrichment credits during their 3-day trial. Paid subscribers have credits for 10% of the number of products on their base plan.

Under the Usage section on the Home page, you will see a section for Used Data Enrichment. This will show you how many credits you've used out of your available monthly limit. 

You will also see a message in Describely if you try to run data enrichment for more products that you have remaining credits.

Important: If you need more data enrichment credits than your base plan includes, our data enrichment power-up is for you! Learn more here.

How do I write product descriptions in bulk?

Follow these steps to generate high-quality, converting product descriptions for multiple products at once. 

What are AI rules?

AI rules are pre-set criteria you can apply to your content when you bulk generate within Describely. Use them to guide the AI with instructions that match your business's product content needs. 

  • Choose the length of your titles and descriptions, output language, and tone of voice.
  • Provide specific instructions to our AI when writing product titles, descriptions, and meta descriptions.
  • Learn everything you need to know to master AI rules here

How can I see my bulk job history?

  • Open your catalog and click Bulk Jobs on the top right.
  • This will open a log of your bulk jobs with their generated fields and current status. 
  • Use the top toolbar to customize this view to your liking by filtering your bulk jobs, hiding columns, and more. 
  • Click on a bulk job to review and approve newly generated content. Learn more about this process here.

Tip: Need to see a bird's eye of your pending content or focus on one product at a time? Try adjusting the toggle density feature on the top right until you find the view that works for you. 

Why might a bulk generation fail, and how do I fix it?

  • When generating content in bulk, a generation might fail if there is not enough product data to ensure quality content is generated for a particular product.
  • If any product generations are expected to fail, you'll see an alert notifying you of the affected product(s) and how to resolve it with our data enrichment
  • When you run a bulk job, products expected to fail will be skipped by default, but you can attempt to process them if you'd like by clicking the checkbox.
  • If you'd prefer to manually enter more product information, click into each affected product and add more descriptive data to the title, description, bullet points, or keywords through the Product Details tab. Then, try to re-run bulk on these products. 

Still having trouble with generations failing? Reach out to us at support@describely.ai and we'll take a look!