How to Use Keywords

Incorporate SEO keywords into your content!

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What information should I include as keywords? This all comes down to your targeted SEO keywords and other descriptive words you'd like to incorporate into your content. You can also include any key value propositions or benefits (for example: “comfortable”, “durable”).

Add keywords you already have

Already have a list of SEO keywords you'd like to use? Include them in your product import, or follow the steps below to add keywords to a product that's already been imported.

  1. Select the Catalogs tab on the left-hand toolbar and click into your catalog.
  2. Click into the product you'd like to work on.
  3. From the Product Details tab, scroll down to the Keywords section and click the icon on the right to expand it.

  4. Click the Add Keywords button.
  5. Enter your new keywords into the box and click enter. This will add them to your keyword list.
  6. Click the Done button to save your list.
  7. Click Save Changes. Voila! You can now use these keywords to write new product titles, product descriptions, and more!  

Generate new keywords in bulk

Important: Products are "activated" after you've generated content for them for the first time through bulk or chat. They will then count towards your monthly plan limits, and you will have unlimited generations for these products through your current billing cycle!

  1. From your catalog, select the checkbox to the left of the products you'd like to generate for. 
    Note: Click the checkbox at the top to select all products on that page, or click the Select all button to select all products in your catalog.
  2. Click the Bulk Generate button on the top right. 
  3. Select the Content Ruleset you'd like to apply to your products from the dropdown. Click the  pencil icon to make edits if needed. Learn more about Content Rules here.
  4. Keep Product Details selected, and select Keywords. 
    Note: You can opt to create new titles, descriptions, & bullet points as well - or just keywords.
  5. Click Start Bulk Generate. When the generation is complete, you'll see a banner and   number icon on the top right indicating that your bulk job is ready for review.

Research keywords and SEO optimize descriptions

  1. Select the Catalogs tab on the left-hand toolbar and click into your catalog.
  2. Click into the product you'd like to optimize.
  3. Select the SEO Tools tab in the center.
  4. Enter a search term you'd like to optimize for in the search bar. 
  5. On the left, you'll see a list of recommended keywords. Click on those you'd like to include in your content to add them to your Selected SEO Keywords list.
    Note: If needed, add new keywords manually by clicking the plus icon to the right of Additional SEO Keywords.

6.   When you're ready, click the Generate SEO Optimized Description button to write a                  product description using your new keywords.

7.   Review the generation and select either Edit Product to make changes or Save Product            to apply the new description to your product in Describely. Voila! 

Restrict or exclude keywords

  • From your Brand and Content Guidelines, you can create restricted keyword sets that Describely will avoid when generating your content. Check out this article to learn how.
  • You can also create a new restricted keyword set while working within an existing Content Ruleset.